Monthly OneShot??

Many people seem to be interested in Queerwebcomic.com, especially authors who want to get published! So here’s some information you all will love!

One of the things Queerwebcomic.com is going to be publishing is Monthly OneShot! It’s almost like one long continuing queer anthology! Once a month we publish one new queer comic by a new queer artist! The Monthly OneShot is also very affordable! It’s only 3€/month! That means you’ll get 10-40 pages of new queer comics every month!

And on our first month we are publishing not one, but 3 new queer comics as a part of the Monthly OneShot series!

You might have seen us promote the comic you can get for free if you subscribe to our mailing list? That’s one of the three! The Dress by Joxu!

You can still get this for free if you subscribe to THIS LIST before the May 25th! Be fast!

Ans what about the other two? We’ll give you more info on those later, but let’s just say they’re by the webcomic author of two amazing comics, BSandL and Summertime, Eelis Nilukka!

More information later! If you have anything you want to ask, join us on the Queerwebcomic.com Discord server and ask away! JOIN HERE!

Comic authors: Submissions are not open yet.

If you’re very enthusiastic about joining the ranks of Queerwebcomic.com, please come to our instagram (@queerwecomic) and suggest yourself for the Queer Artist of the Day promotion! That’s the perfect way for us to get a sneak peek into your art, while we do our social media promotion! We love seeing new queer artists and we are constantly keeping a list of new interesting authors we find on social media! Also, make sure to join our PRO mailing list, meant for comic authors. The people on the mailing list will get more in depth information of the things we’re doing and how close we are to being able to open pitch submissions. Join the PRO list here: LINK

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