Why do you need a publisher?

Queerwebcomic.com has our own Discord server and we have a specific channel where people can ask questions from the Queerwebcomic.com staff! Today one member, Muhvu, asked a really good question! Let’s see

He asked:
“Are the books printed in paper then, or are they sold digitally? Because if digitally, I have like question of that why it would be better to use publisher rather than just self-publication. I think one reason it would be that people who want buy queer comics can easily find my comic there too.”

We of course gave him an answer on Discord, and here’s what H-P, the CEO of DigiComix Oy replied:
“Both… Always first digitally and if the book does well digitally, it can be made into a paper publication. And yes, you’re right! In some cases self publishing might be a better idea! You get to keep all the money yourself and some of it won’t go into running a publisher! But then you also have to do all the work yourself. A publisher can do a lot of other things too.
Here’s what our artists are getting even now that we’re very small!

– Promotion on social media
– We search for convention appearance opportunities for them
– We travel to cons in different countries to show off their art
– Editor for their comic
– We send out press releases about new comics to media in different countries
– We can nominate their work for comics awards
– A hub to find all the comics in one place (yes, like you said!)
– Translating help if they need it
– Art exhibition opportunities in different countries And more when we can find more!

This is all stuff I have personally been building up for years! I started my networking in 2008 and now it’s time for others to benefit from that too!
So if a small publisher can already do this much… Imagine how much a bigger publisher can do! Most of the benefits artists get aren’t visible to the readers, which is why this discord is a good place to ask about them. Our goal, after all, is to be as transparent as possible.”

As a small publisher, we aim to search for opportunities for your art to be seen! We travel to conventions in Europe and North America, we have networks with art galleries in many countries, we have distributor to sell our paper publications in all Finnish national libraries and much more! These are the things that the artist could do themselves… but will they have enough time?
Some do! After all, this all started from H-P Lehkonen doing all that for himself all alone! It’s not impossible to do alone either! But many artists don’t want to do it alone. And that’s what we aim to do.

As we always say, we aim to be transparent, so why lie: You might not need us.
If you enjoy doing a lot of different kinds of things while you make art, you might like the self published road better! But if you don’t, Queerwebcomic.com has people who do.

Join our Discord server here and ask us more questions!

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