10 Trans Romance Webcomics to Read Right Now!

Positive representation of trans characters in romance comics can be hard to come by! Well, look no further! We have a list that will save your Pride Month! We asked the wonderful Luma from WebcomicLibrary (twitter) to gather a list of Trans Romance comics to us! Enjoy Luma’s hard work and remember to go say your thank you’s on twitter by tagging WebcomicLibrary!

1. A Werewolf by the Sea (Tapas)

Created by Carlisle Robinson (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Facebook) (Instagram) (Patreon)
Summary: A silent comic about queer love ❤

2. Charity Case  (Tapas) (Tumblr)

(Warning: Homophobia and Mental Illness)

Created by Lyndsay “Mal” McSeveney (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Patreon) (Ko-Fi)
Summary: Charity Case is about Julien, a sheltered young musician who – finding himself without financial support – has to try and navigate a life he’s woefully unprepared for. Its about found families, queer poly romance, and music!

3. Counting Sheep (Tapas)

Created by Rhael McGregor (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Ko-Fi)
Summary: Kim lives in a world where with a good sleep, a person can visit their soulmate in their dreams from birth until the day they turn 25. A hopeless romantic, Kim has always loved the idea of soulmates but can’t seem to remember much about her own as she’s been dealing with chronic insomnia for most of her life. Armed with her determination and her friend’s help, she sets out to see if she can find her soulmate before time runs out.

4. Life Outside the Circle (Webtoons)

(Warning: Homophobia)

Created by H-P Lehkonen (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Facebook) (Instagram) (Patreon)
Summary: The heartwarming tale of two men who find love in the Finnish countryside.

5. Like Saffron (Tapas)

(Warning: Body Horror)

Created by Caleb (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Patreon) (Ko-Fi)
Summary: A couple of punk teens in Manhattan trying to navigate their way through life and college. The story centers around Juno, a young trans guy who wants to convert to Judaism. He grew up in foster care, hella awkward and hella broken, always smiling regardless.

6. Mal de Ojo (Tapas) (Webtoons)

(Warning: Alcohol, Blood/Gore, Death, Drug Use, NSFW, and Violence)

Created by FnF Comics (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Patreon)
Summary: Mal de Ojo is the story of a double-trouble trans man duo living in a world where a new country was formed on land previously disputed by the United States and Mexico. In a time and place where the Wild West still flourishes, ex-Sheriff Tucker “Tumbleweed” McKinley, after experiencing an embarrassing end to his career, has turned to drinking and exorbitant spending in his search for relief. When he hears about a wanted bandit in the area by the name of Vicente (El Alacran), the disgraced Tumbleweed gets the idea to capture the bandido and bring him to justice in an attempt to regain respect with the townsfolk.  After discovering they have more in common than they at first believed, the two agree to team up together to take down a mysterious creature that’s been terrorizing the local desertside towns – and whom both blame on their unfortunate predicaments in life.

7. Phantom of the Jam! (Tapas)

(Warning: Ableism and Transphobia)

Created by Josey Dean (Twitter) (Instagram)
Summary: When broke, theatre student Chris Daae takes an editor job for one her professor’s at a run down Opera House, she meets the Phantom haunting it and she works her hardest in order to be promoted as a director. However, the Phantom becomes infatuated with Chris and things become even more complicated when they allow her two roommates to move in as well. Unbeknownst to Chris the fate of this musical ties her, the Phantom, and her two roommates together.

8. Puu (பூ ) (Tapas)

(Warning: Abuse, Blood/Gore, Death, Dysphoria, Homophobia, Racism, Sexual Nudity, Transphobia, and Violence)

Created by Nabi H. Ali (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Ko-Fi)
Summary: Jameel Mansour moves into a new flat with a strange roommate, Saboor Halwani, who has an obsession for flowers. Slowly, the two men find out that they’re not only perfect as roommates…

9. Sink Your Hookteeth (Site) (Tapas) (Webtoons)

(Warning: Blood/Gore, Body Horror, Nonsexual Nudity, and Violence)

Created by Elissa (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Patreon) (Ko-Fi)
Summary: A Cosmic Horror/Love story about eldritch merfolk that fall for a pair of humans, meanwhile those humans want to catch and study mermaids to cure a supernatural illness.

10. With Great Abandon (Tapas) (Webtoons) (Tumblr)

(Warning: Needles/Syringes)

Created by E.H. Macmillan (Twitter) (Instagram)
Summary: Harry is a gay trans man, Russell is gay cis man, and With Great Abandon is a queer romance set over the course of a year in London. It’s the story of their differences, their similarities, and their relationship. A hopeful and kind story. Also food and comics.

If you need more queer comics, go check out Luma’s tagpacker here: (link) It’s filled with amazing queer comics!

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