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10 Completed Queer Webcomics you can binge NOW!

Craving for some free comics online? But what if the comic you just started reading never gets finished? Here’s a list that will save you! All of the following comics are finished and ready to be binged! So wrap yourself into a blanket burrito, get a cup of tea and make sure your wifi works! It’s time for some comics chosen by Luma from The Webcomic Library!

The Webcomic Library has existed in some form for 5 years. In that time the Library’s Curator, Luma, has read close to 1000 comics, majority of which has LGBT+ representation. Part of how the Library came to be was Luma’s passion for the LGBT+ community found in the webcomic community and the representation that thrived in it. Some of these comics have been completed but their stories still leave an impact on xem to this day. For this collaberation we’re covering 10 of Luma’s favorite queer completed comics!

Always Human (Webtoons)
Created by Walkingnorth (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Patreon)

Summary: This is a story about nanobots, genetic engineering, and two girls falling in love. No matter how technology changes us, we’ll always be human.

Erie Waters (Tapas) (Warning: Animal Abuse and Death)
Created by Joanne Kwan (Tumblr​) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Patreon) (Ko-Fi)

Summary: The waters of Lake Erie hold many secrets, but what truly lies at the bottom is lost to history. That is until an average unassuming guy stays the week at his aunt’s lake house.

Ignition Zero (Site) (Warning: Violence)
Created by Noel Arthur Heimpel (Site) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Patreon)

Summary: Ignition Zero is an urban fantasy comic about a group of friends who get mixed up with faeries and spirits! It takes place in the fictitious city of Glory, Maryland in the fall of 2011, and covers the adventure Robbie, Orson, Neve, and Martin have with their friend, a spirit they call Ivory. Only Ivory–and those they’ve been defending her from–may not be what she seems. There isn’t always a clear right or wrong side to a story…

Mahou Josie Chimaka (Sparkler Monthly) (Warning: Alcohol)
Created by KaiJu (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Patreon) (Ko-Fi)

Summary: Fifteen years ago, magical girl Shimmer Shimmer Sky Patcher Chimaka lost her final battle against her greatest foe, broke up with her “destined” boyfriend, and practically flunked out of school. Now a chemical engineer at Squid Petroleum, Chimaka is older, wiser, and a whole lot more bitter. But when a surprise phone call alerts Chimaka to the fact that her ancient enemy is getting restless again, it’s going to be up to Chimaka and her best friend Pippa to try to reignite Chimaka’s old magic…and save the world!

Overgrown (Site)
Created by Laya Rose (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Facebook) (Instagram) (Patreon) (Ko-Fi)

Summary: Overgrown is a short comic about a girl who goes for a walk in the forest and gets trapped in a faery realm. She has to complete three quests to gain her freedom (but that’s if she even wants to go back to her normal life…)

Rock and Riot (Tapas) (Tumblr)
Created by Chelsey Furedi (Twitter) (Instagram)

Summary: Rock and Riot follows the tales of two opposing teenage gangs in the 1950s with an LGBTQ theme!

Small Blessings (Webtoons) (Tumblr)
Created by Danie (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Ko-Fi)

Summary: The nightly escapades of a tiny, mostly-benevolent house-spirit in an old apartment building.

Stolen (Smackjeeves)
Created by Mister Loki (Site) (Twitter) (Instagram)

Summary: It is a risky move to steal the crown prince right out of the middle of his welcoming home party. Yet, the fearless thief outlaw who pulls it off does not seem to mind the repercussions. He has his reasons, after all.

Supercakes (Site) (Warning: Abuse and Violence)
Created by Kat Leyh (Site) (Tumblr) (Twitter) (Ko-Fi)

Summary: Supercakes is a series of vignettes about super-powered girlfriends, May Ai and Mo LaMarck.

With Great Abandon (Tapas) (Webtoons) (Tumblr) (Warning: Needles/Syringes)
Created by E.H. Macmillan (Twitter) (Instagram)

Summary: Harry is a gay trans man, Russell is gay cis man, and With Great Abandon is a queer romance set over the course of a year in London. It’s the story of their differences, their similarities, and their relationship. A hopeful and kind story. Also food and comics.

If you would like to browse more of the Webcomic Library’s collection go check out their Tagpacker! You can also find the Library on Tumblr and Twitter where they also share a variety of webcomic projects and stories.

If you find yourself enjoying any of these lovely comics be sure to tweet about it and tag us and the creators so we can keep passing the love around!

And after you’ve read all of these, check out the store. We have multiple completely free comics too!

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