What is DigiComix Oy?
DigiComix Oy is a new digital comics publisher based in Finland. We make all our comics in English and they’re sold digitally worldwide.

What is Queerwebcomic.com?
Queerwebcomic.com is our first publishing lineup of digital queer comics. We sell them as PDF ebooks.

Why is there two names?
We know many queer individuals have to be closeted because of safety reasons. By naming the company itself DigiComix Oy, we can make sure people stay safe. If you order something from us in mail, the package will only have DigiComix Oy, so you won’t be outed.
And why isn’t the whole thing just called DigiComix?
Well the name Queerwebcomic.com has a simple backstory:
What’s the first thing you search on Google when you want to find a queer webcomic? The name is Queerwebcomic.com to make it easier to find.

Why ebooks?
Climate. Climate is the reason. We don’t want to print a lot of comics, then ship them all over the world, maybe end up with some unsold ones that would then go to trash? Ebooks require no shipping or waste.
And yes, even ebooks use up natural resources, this is why our ebooks are sold as downloads, not as a stream. Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify use way more resources than a simple download. This also means you get to keep the comics even if we’d later delete them from our service.

How do I join?
We are a comics publisher. We aren’t an open platform like Twitter or Webtoon. We approach people who we want to publish. So you can’t join the publishing side just like that…
There are ways to join the community though.
If you want to support queer artists, feel free to share our posts on social media! And not just ours, there’s so many queer artists who deserve to be boosted!

Can I submit a comic to be published?
Not right now. We plan to open submissions later, but let us build the business a bit first. For more info about this, please join our mailing list for comics professionals: LINK