Open Call

This is the link… You are at the right place.

Ghost Bros is a short story written by H-P Lehkonen. It has Youtuber bros, ghosts and gay themes. We’re searching for an artist who knows how to draw muscular men (stylized is fine, they just have to look as jock as possible), backgrounds with building interiors, ghosts.

Email us with the following:
– Put this in the Subject of the email: “GhostBros (your name here)”
– Short text about who you are and where you’re from (on the body of the email).
– 2 small resolution JPGs with your previous comic work that shows your talent.
– 2-4 small resolution JPGs with any other drawings that especially showcase your skills on muscular men and old building interiors.
– Link to find even more of your work online.

Name every file with the name on your email! They will be downloaded to a computer so we can go through them, so make sure we know which comics are yours! Let us make this very clear:
If your email is hplehkonen(a), make the subject of your email “GhostBros HPLehkonen” and name your files as “hplehkonen_comic_1” or something alike. It doesn’t have to be your legal name, just a name we can name search on both the computer the files are on and on gmail.

This opportunity is paid!
Deadline 15th of August!

Our email: queerwebcomic (at) gmail (dot) com